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November 3rd, 2016

Just an ordinary day for relaxing and each morning is as hot as this one in the love shack of Sophia Bush. She likes waking up to her lover’s thick and throbbing boner, sucking on it and having him inside her tight ass, banging away just before breakfast. Bush prefers to take this jock’s dick in her mouth as an appetizer and let him take her whichever way he pleases. Good thing they both enjoy anal sex and they often end up fucking hard this way.

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June 16th, 2016

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When Sophia Bush tied the knot with One Tree Hill co-star Chad Michael Murray in 2005, she admits to not knowing what she’s doing 99% of the time and sort of regret ending up in the wagon of Hollywood stars with broken marriages. Given the fact that the union lasted for only five months, there’s a lot to be said about this pair being novices with the term commitment. She confessed to feeling like kids playing about and would quit the moment they find they got a scratch on their knee or something petty. But Bush is such an attractive star that she has to keep telling herself this in order to not be let down thinking she might not be pretty enough to catch another unsuspecting lifetime partner someday. On the plus side, she doesn’t really have to try so hard making herself look and feel good as there are still a bunch of men waiting in line for her for whatever purpose they wanted to achieve. Bush is no nun and definitely never a conservative chick, so she knew what these men wanted exactly.

It’s no longer about seeing her in sexy outfits, wishing they could embrace her from behind and feel her tight ass on their crotch, but the idea of this almost broken soul who needed some mending as she stays single and waiting, gave these lads something more to hope for. There’s one very lucky dude who happens to be so into Bush and have been dying to dive into her warm bush. Ok, that sounded fucking cheesy but this BBC will take any woman’s cunt whether it’s bald or hairy. So if by any chance Sophia has hers in the latter, he would still enjoy every fucking second of rubbing sweaty bodies with this babe. And while Bush is climbing out from her hell hole of failed relationships, here she is making videos of the fun things she does while she’s freely able to do so. Having a hardcore anal fuck session with this hunk BBC is one of her best escapes yet as it was her first to have a taste of how this big a cock could feel so damn good inside her bunghole when all the while she was thinking it will hurt like hell. She enjoyed the experience so much that she demanded another round after a few minutes of resting with a load of cum on her face.

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August 6th, 2010

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With all these hard-pounding fuck sessions we’re seeing right now, it takes a real talented girl to be able to last long when it comes to non-stop screwing, and no one does it better than Sophia Bush or most popularly known as the sassy cheerleader Brooke Davis from the TV series One Tree Hill. See how Sophia tackles some of the angriest and hungriest cocks working up inside her gaping love holes as she spreads her legs and raises her ass to get them stuffed relentlessly!

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And it looks like Sophia’s enjoying all that fucking like a hungry slut who will stop at nothing until she gets doused with fresh, creamy cum. And these hardcore pictures are enough evidence that she digs the shagging and she’s doing it like a professional slut! Even yummy actresses who portray cheerleaders on TV have their needs and wants once in a while… but I guess for Sophia, she needs it every single day!

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